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Are you ready to turn your life around and feel healthy, happy and vibrant?

I already know I want it!


Hi, I'm Sara Peternell!

And I have made it my life’s purpose to share everything I know about Hashimoto’s in order to help as many people as possible.

I’m Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®️, and I specialize in Hashimoto's and thyroid health. I’m also an avid public speaker on health and nutrition, am the co-author of a bestselling baby food cookbook, Little Foodie and have been interviewed on national TV.

Today, I am very proud to announce my new "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" program.

This program is a true labor of love and is the result of years of research, self-experimentation for my own Hashimoto's, plus my clinical experience of helping my beloved clients to restore their own health!

"Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" is a self-paced, completely online program for the individual who is ready to tackle their thyroid disease and beat Hashimoto’s naturally.

Nourished and Renewed with Hashimoto's

"Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" gives you everything you need in ONE place, from one TRUSTED SOURCE.

This program TEACHES you about the thyroid, EMPOWERS you to live more fully with your illness and INSPIRES you to make the changes that make a huge impact on your life.


"Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" is a LIFESTYLE program. That means you will learn a new foundation for living healthfully and more fully.

The program offers tangible, realistic solutions for improving your Hashimoto’s and your overall health in a way that lasts.

"Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" provides the foundation for your NEW NORMAL.

"Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" looks at the whole person. Self-care, lifestyle measures, stress, sleep and more are covered in this program. I have put together a program that takes into account your total health. After all, Hashimoto’s and your total health are totally CONNECTED. Most importantly, "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" brings you a new kind of HOPE and BELIEF in your body’s ability to heal. This program reminds you of your body’s innate power to return to health once you give it what it needs.

I'm convinced. Let's do this!


Hi, I'm Sara Peternell...

Sara PeternellI've been suffering from Hashimoto's for over two decades.

At just 22 years old, I was struggling with frequent colds, respiratory infections, skin rashes, poor sleep, anxiety and worsening irritable bowel syndrome.

When I was at my sickest, I was diagnosed with BOTH Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Celiac disease.

The problem was, I didn’t have the support of a proper care team or advocate. I was alone in navigating my health journey. And I wanted to approach my health from more than one angle.

I knew there was a way to be healthier and feel better through food, lifestyle and mind/body practices.

My research, interest and passion for holistic health led me to become a Master Nutrition Therapist.

After years of in-depth nutrition school, I discovered the holistic principles that allowed me to turn my life upside down and completely heal and reverse my autoimmune diseases.

Today, nearly two decades of nutrition expertise, combined with my experience as a mom, has resulted in a formula for success in working with all of my clients.

I have worked with hundreds of clients to heal and reverse their own autoimmune diseases.

This may sound like a miracle, but many health conditions are reversible by making changes to your diet and lifestyle habits.

The bottom line: Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition - you can recover from Hashimoto’s by balancing and restoring your immune system.

Portraits, Travel
In order to serve clients with the best, most current research and advanced nutritional science, I frequently attend numerous education conferences, summits, trainings and workshops.

Featured in Press, Media and TV

I have been featured in local and national television news programs to discuss nutrition and health. My nutrition soundbites can be found in numerous print and online publications including Fox News Health, HuffPost Parents, Wire Cutter by the New York Times and Colorado Parent.

Books I've Written

I co-authored Little Foodie: Recipes for Babies and Toddlers with Taste, a best-seller on Amazon and in bookstores. This liberating cookbook is for the newest eater in your family and encourages foodie parents to think beyond the baby food aisle.

What my clients say about me...


  • No one understands the symptoms you are going through - brain fog, fatigue, hormone imbalances, forgetfulness, mood swings, chronic infections, digestive issues - and more.
  • You have already been to loads of doctors and/or specialists and no one can help you figure out what is wrong.
  • You are newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and have no idea where to start.
  • Your Hashimoto’s is changing after a period of balance - or you are entering a new stage of life and need more help to get over the hump.
  • You have a new set of labs or new information about your illness that has you scratching your head.
  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired!


  • A partner in health (me!)
  • A complete education about thyroid, immune and autoimmune issues
  • A management system for keeping track of your labs, meds and discussions with your doctor
  • A comprehensive food plan enabling you eat for optimal thyroid health
  • A clear approach to supplements
  • A set of lifestyle guidelines to enhance your total way of living
  • A body-mind-spirit philosophy to bring more balance to your deeper spiritual self


Before - you might have depression, brain fog, trouble sleeping or mood swings.

After - you find clearer thinking, a new peace of mind, better sleep and confidence in your stable moods.

Before - you probably have some digestive issues, unidentified food sensitivities, fatigue and toxicity.

After - your body becomes more efficient at detox, regular with elimination, capable of lowering inflammation and boosting energy.

Before - you might have menstrual irregularities, difficulty getting pregnant, secondary adrenal symptoms or chronic pain issues that prevent you from enjoying life.

After - your hormones begin to come into balance, old patterns of pain and discomfort resolve and your body is ready for the next stage of life (maybe starting a family, or entering menopause).

Before - you probably wonder if you will ever feel like yourself again.

After - you find a new and improved you.

smartmockups_k9r737jj can be nourished and renewed With Hashimoto's! Here's how

  • N&R provides the foundation for your NEW NORMAL - happier and more hopeful, living with Hashimoto's
  • N&R helps you make changes that add up, making an overall huge impact on your life
  • N&R takes in to account your thyroid health + your total health in one program
  • N&R gives you everything you need in ONE place - no more piecing together random advice from various resources
  • N&R inspires you to learn, heal and thrive - from one TRUSTED SOURCE, Sara Peternell, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®️

What's in the program?

  • 30-day self-paced program - totally online!
  • 7 phases of in-depth content categories pertaining to Hashimoto’s & total body health
  • 30 modules - or approximately 45 minutes per day to review each day of material
  • 33 videos (9 hours of video support!) - the equivalent of 9 hours of nutrition sessions
  • 40+ different handouts/tools - nearly 100 pages of resources and action items!
  • Multiple metrics to measure changes, progress - and ultimately, success!

Phase 1

Understanding Hashimoto’s and what’s happening in your body


Module 1: What is Hashimoto’s?

Learn what is Hashimoto’s really about and what it does to your health.

Module 2: What is Autoimmunity?

Learn what autoimmune diseases are, how they affect a person’s health and why they are a serious class of illnesses.

Module 3: All About The Thyroid

Learn how the thyroid is supposed to work and how it can become dysregulated.

Module 4: Hashimoto's Triggers

Genetic, environmental, toxin and/or infectious triggers may have been at the root of developing Hashimoto’s. Learn to create and utilize a helpful timeline for analyzing your own trigger and diagnosis history.

Phase 2

Work with your medical doctor to best manage your Hashimoto’s treatment.


Module 5: How To Find A Good Doctor

Learn how to find the best thyroid doctor and how to more effectively communicate with them when you have appointments.

Module 6: Lab Tests

Learn the steps for a proper Hashimoto’s diagnosis, the labs you need to request and what optimal test results should be.

Module 7: What is Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Learn why SCH is a source of confusion for many and what you can do if you have subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH).

Module 8: Medication Comparison

Often, doctors simply prescribe generic, synthetic T4 medication. But this medication does not work for everyone. Learn about various types of medications and who they may be suited for.

Phase 3

Why Hashimoto’s is a whole body condition and how it started in your gut.


Module 9: Why Hashimoto’s is a whole body condition

Learn how Hashimoto’s affects your body in other ways besides causing hypothyroidism.

Module 10: The Thyroid-Gut Connection

Learn the contributing factors to developing a leaky gut, plus the ways in which a leaky gut affects your body including being a causative factor in developing Hashimoto’s.

Module 11: Heal Your Gut

Learn what specific things you can do to resolve leaky gut, reduce digestive symptoms and begin to heal the immune system component of your gut.

Module 12: Gluten-Free For Life

Learn how gluten-containing foods contribute to leaky gut, autoimmunity and Hashimoto’s disease.

Module 13: Food Intolerances

Learn the ways in which food intolerances contribute to leaky gut, autoimmunity and Hashimoto’s disease and how to solve your own mystery with foods.

Phase 4

Your Foundation For Daily Living.


Module 14: Top Foods to Consume

Learn the value of consuming a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods as well as which foods nourish your thyroid and your total body.

Module 15: Top Foods to Avoid

Learn not only which foods contribute to systemic inflammation, gut issues and autoimmunity, but, also foods that directly harm your thyroid gland.

Module 16: Plant-Based & Protein-Rich

Learn how to focus on eating in a way that is plant-based and contains adequate protein.

Module 17: The Importance of Daily Detox

Giving your liver some extra love goes a long way! Learn about the importance of daily detoxification for staying healthy with Hashimoto’s.

Module 18: Supplements For Hashimoto’s

Vitamins are not made to replace a healthy diet, but to supplement one and to ensure that you have an optimal level of nutrients for the billions of chemical reactions happening in your body every second of every day.

Phase 5

Bonus Tests: For when you are “doing everything else right” but still feel lousy


Module 19: Nutrient Deficiency Test

Nutrition deficiency components may be linked to your Hashimoto's - learn about micronutrient testing, what it tells you and how to apply nutritional changes based on the results.

Module 20: Digestive System Test

Root cause gut imbalances may be preventing your healing - learn all about digestive system testing, what it tells you and how to apply nutritional changes based on the results.

Module 21: Hormone Test

Hormonal imbalances may be either a cause or result of having Hashimoto’s - learn all about hormone testing, what it tells you and how to apply nutritional changes based on the results.

Phase 6

How Hashimoto’s Affects Hormones


Module 22: Adrenals

Learn how adrenal balance is critical to having a healthy thyroid and find out if adrenal problems are exacerbating your Hashimoto’s.

Module 23: Reproductive Hormones

Often with Hashimoto’s we can feel like our other “hormones are out of whack.” This module helps you make big improvements for your hormone health.

Module 24: Brain and Mood

Learn brain-related symptoms, the importance of healthy, balanced neurotransmitters, and a nutrition approach to support your brain and mood by nourishing the thyroid.

Phase 7

Keeping your body in tip-top health and have a normal life


Module 25: Lifestyle - Why This Matters!

This program is a lifestyle. Learn the important reasons why these changes you have made need to stick - for good and specific lifestyle measures to round out the healthiest, happiest you!

Module 26: Self Care for Self Healing

Learn all about making self care a priority and how it relates to your Hashimoto's.

Module 27: Sleep Success

Sleep is a big issue for anyone with Hashimoto’s. Learn the importance of good sleep, how to get good sleep and how to guard your sleep habits for the long run.

Module 28: Being Your Own Best Advocate For the Long Run

Learn specific strategies to best manage your Hashimoto’s for the rest of your life.

Module 29: Review Time

Learn the progress you've made since Module 1 and make notes about areas where you can continue to apply the knowledge you have for improving your Hashimoto’s.

Module 30: Enjoy Your Newfound Health

Not every day will be perfect from here on out. The work you put in is rewarded by the life you get out. Learn some practical insights and awareness tips for the path you are on now.
And this entire program is available to you at an exclusive price of ONLY USD $179.00! Sounds great, right? Ready to add to cart?


BONUS PHASE: Slim & Sane with Hashimoto's

Slim & Sane with Hashimoto's

  • 5 MORE FREE modules (totaling up to 94 MORE minutes of video content!)
  • 4 additional handouts plus a helpful personalized questionnaire to guide you in your healthy weight loss journey

Bonus Module 1: Less is More!

One of the often-overlooked reasons for weight-loss resistance involves stress hormones. Learn about the importance of finding your sweet spot for stress and how to get cortisol and adrenaline under control!

Bonus Module 2: Types of Exercises for Hashimoto's

The right amount of exercise should make you feel refreshed and energized. I explain that it is possible to lose weight by exercising less! Find the appropriate amount and type of exercise for you!

Bonus Module 3: Nutrient-density, Mindfulness & Good Digestion

Learn the reasons WHY it’s really important to sample all the colors, flavors and experience of food - as well as to support the physical function of digestion - to support your weight loss goals.

Bonus Module 4: Balance in Our Life

Learn the ten cognitive distortions that may be contributing to how and why you are holding excess weight on your physical frame and how to create the perfect balance in your life.

Bonus Module 5: Body/Mind/Spirit & Weight

Your journey with weight loss is much like your journey with Hashimoto’s. I share the elements of body, mind and spirit which guide us to a long-term place of co-existence in peaceful relation to our food.
Ok, but wait... Nourished and Renewed with Hashimoto’s: 28-Day Meal Plan is ALSO INCLUDED!!!!
  • 84 pages of colorful meal plans and recipes to help you eat for your very best health living with Hashimoto's
  • 4 weeks of macronutrient-focused eating and naturally healing foods
  • Nutritional information for each week of the plan
  • Shopping lists to help your planning and prepping - easy peasy!
Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's 28 Day Meal Plan

Nourished and Renewed with Hashimoto’s + a BONUS Slim & Sane with Hashimoto’s + Nourished and Renewed with Hashimoto’s: 28-Day Meal Plan

  • the most comprehensive online Hashimoto’s nutrition program ever
  • everything you need to be successful in a day-by-day self-guided format
  • the group chat experience to connect you with others
  • a whole month of recipes to start eating better NOW!
  • hours and hours of videos that FEEL like you are in my office for a very personalized experience!


And all this for only USD$179.00!

Nourished and Renewed with Hashimoto's


COURTNEY - From Baby Dreams On Hold to New Mammahood

Courtney - at age 27 - is ready for a baby but recent labs revealed she has anti-thyroid antibodies and consequently, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She and her partner felt defeated before coming to see me. They put their family dreams on hold until they had more information about what Hashimoto’s might mean for pregnancy. Through "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's", Courtney learned about her Hashimoto’s possible origin in a leaky gut, and utilized a food sensitivity test to guide her through an elimination diet. She began to feel inspired about her body’s ability to heal and reverse antibodies through selection of the right foods. Her labs started to turn around pretty quickly and Courtney’s doctor wondered what she had been doing to restore her health so quickly! Today, Courtney has a beautiful baby boy!   "I honestly didn’t think I could have a baby after what I learned was causing some of my fertility issues. Sara educated us about how the autoimmune process was interfering with my other hormones and certain foods were causing inflammation in my body. I took her guidance seriously and changed the way I eat right away. Sara and I worked rigorously on my gut health which in turn had some pretty quick impact on my thyroid and my other hormones. Amazing!”

KELLY - From Perimenopause Pain to Hormone Balance

Kelly, in her mid-40s, recently saw a major shift in her hormonal health. Adjustments to her thyroid medication were only confusing the picture more. Her doctor attributed her annoying symptoms of irregular periods, brain fog, night sweats and random aches and pains to Kelly’s Hashimoto’s. Kelly met with me because she wanted to dig deeper and look at the thyroid’s relationship with her other hormones. Through "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's", Kelly began to feel empowered to make subtle changes to her diet, supplements and lifestyle. Her symptoms started to resolve pretty quickly. More than anything, Kelly began to feel in control again - her moods became brighter, her energy lighter and her outlook happier.   "Sara and her nutritional services are truly incredible! I feel so lucky to have found her as she is truly skilled, patient, authentic, resourceful and inspirational! Sara is a great listener, and takes a holistic approach. She helps you use food as medicine. I continue to learn new things every time I interact with her. You will want to add her to your Hashimoto’s team. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat."

JAMES - From Immovable Because of Inflammation to Golfing 18 Holes

James, aged 67, was just starting to enjoy retirement life and spending most days on the golf course or with his grandkids. But, a bout of major fatigue, joint pain and sleep problems was seriously affecting him. He did NOT want to spend his time in bed or at the doctor’s office. Turns out the medication he had been taking for 3 decades for “hypothyroidism” wasn’t really working for him anymore. His doctor ran new labs, diagnosed him with Hashimoto’s due to very high antibody numbers, and began making medication adjustments. James’s doctor referred him to me for nutritional counseling. Through "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's", we started right away looking at labs to evaluate his adrenal glands and discussed how his lifetime of stress as an investment banker might have been catching up to him and creating major inflammation in his body. While this was a bit of a shock, James committed to some new lifestyle practices - meditation, tai chi and mindful eating. He changed his diet and took the right supplements for him based on micronutrient testing. Within a few months, he was back on the golf course.   “I admit I thought I was invincible. Sara and I talked a lot about my “old way of life” and how it had impacted my immune system and my endocrine system. Turns out I was a bit of an adrenaline junky and in retirement, everything seemed to come crashing down. I never even knew my thyroid problem was Hashimoto’s - once I learned that, I was worried about how the rest of my life would look. Now I know that it looks like healthy foods, rest, positive mindset and self-care. My wife likes this new me and tells everyone about Sara.”

📣 Here's what some of the current participants are saying:

"I'm enjoying the feels like I'm sitting in your office! You are a great teacher and I appreciate your concise messages."   "Today's video on how to find a good doctor was very helpful. I wish I had a similar resource years ago!!!"   "I thought there was a lot of good information in the video today... I really liked learning the specifics of the effects of the thyroid on every cell in the body. It's no wonder it has such a big impact on our lives!"   "I so appreciate the included meal plan examples. I've been gluten and dairy free for almost 2 months now...I'm looking forward to trying your new recipes."   "I have been hypothyroid for most of my adult life...The last few years have been rough with symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and joint pain. It's time for me to take my power back and start healing from the inside out! I'm so glad to be here and I look forward to being part of a great program!"   "So grateful and blessed to be here. Thank you for pouring out!  I'm so grateful for this program and for the YouTube videos that led me here. I'm feeling much more hopeful. Thank you!"
I can relate, I'm ready!

Ok, let's do this!

How do I join & what are the next steps?

STEP 1: Register and pay for the program.

You will immediately get a confirmation/welcome email with instructions for following each day of the program.


Get Organized!
  • Get a notepad and 3-ring binder to keep all your downloads (you will want to print them off in chronological order as you go.
  • Set up a space in your home - and set aside time each day - so you can watch each day of module videos and work on the homework.
  • Dig up your labs, doctor’s notes, your own journals and any other relevant health materials.
  • Commit yourself to this program and get excited!


Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry.
  • Every day/module is a new set of material. The modules unlock in chronological order each day. (This means, you can’t skip around the program in 30-days. I did that for a reason.)
  • The information builds on itself over the course of the 30 days.
  • After the program, you will have ongoing access to this program past the 30 days of self-paced videos and materials.
  • You can go back as many times to review and revisit certain modules that need more attention or clarification.

What you get for your money

Why is this program priced the way it is? Think of all the time and money you’ve spent: At doctors’ offices, On testing, On medicine, On complimentary care, On books, other resources, and supplements that didn’t work...
  • No one should have to spend that kind of money to heal and feel better.
  • The typical costs for Hashimoto’s can be real pain.
What if you could change all that and actually get on the right path with a simple payment of $179.00? "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" is an investment. An investment in something real, lasting and personal.

Your Health Is Worth It

I want you to think about the following questions and answers:

What is the cost of NOT healing your condition in terms of your financial, physical, emotional health? 

It can cost you an immeasurable amount of money to spend the rest of your life dealing with Hashimoto’s.

How much would you have to pay, if you worked with a nutritionist one-on-one? 

Here are some clues: I set my prices to work one-on-one with my private clients to reflect my years of schooling, clinical experience, and expertise in working with people who have Hashimoto’s.

My individualized programs start at roughly $1,900 for a 2-month program. And, this is the market value of most customized nutritional programs.

Do you believe that being the healthiest you can be does cost money?

  • Food costs money.
  • Supplements cost money.
  • Testing costs money.
  • Alternative care costs money.

But, if you have a PLAN for how to tackle your Hashimoto’s in a comprehensive manner - rather than the common approach similar to “shooting fish in a barrel” - you can save significant money in the long run.

What are you willing to sacrifice to do this program? 

Here’s a little secret, for the approximate price of one Starbucks coffee per day, instead you get the benefit of lifelong happiness and health through "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's".

We all have things in our lives that we spend money on that is seemingly frivolous.

I promise this program is not a frivolous waste of time. And, you get wayyyy more than those weekly coffees in terms of supporting your thyroid and your health.

What do you have to lose?


Nourished and Renewed with Hashimoto's

Questions & Answers

Does this really work?

Yes, this program works. I know, because these are the tools I have used to support my own health and heal my thyroid. The program is based on two decades of my clinical practice. I have been working with clients firsthand to develop and guide clients with Hashimoto’s to a better health outcome. This is the foundation of the work I do with clients in my office in a face-to-face setting. Now it’s available to you in a self-paced digital format.

How long will this take to see results?

If you do the work, and you follow the tasks in each module, you will start to feel more empowered and happier RIGHT AWAY. The improvement in symptoms is unique for every person. Depending on your primary area of symptom concern and the tools you use to improve - foods, supplements, lifestyle, etc. - you will probably start to see some improvements pretty quickly. The food elimination tools, and the supplements guide are two modules you can start right away to see improvements

Will this work for me? My situation is unique.

When I first started out on my healing journey with Hashimoto’s, I reacted negatively to everything!  My skin, sinuses, digestive system and energy levels were wayyyy out of wack. I wondered if I would EVER feel better. I had to go slow, so I know the value in approaching healing tools slowly. "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" is a 30-day program. You can implement the suggestions as quickly or slowly as you want. And, you can go back to review and revisit the program modules over and over as you take baby steps.

How much time is this going to take me?

I suggest you plan for an average of 45 minutes per day. This time includes watching the video, downloading and printing any handouts or filling out any necessary forms. The modules can certainly take longer - that depends on you!  It’s your choice about how much time you want to invest in to researching your medical background, diving deep in to your labs, following up needed with your doctor or other providers, spending any extra time journaling or reading. The food and meal suggestions have been developed to slowly build and easily incorporate in to your existing shopping and cooking routine.  Extra time on ordering labs, purchasing supplements or food products is all within your comfort and convenience. Here’s one thing I know: the more time you spend on this program - the more you get out of it.

Can I still eat my favorite food?

That depends. I know, that answer is not fair. But, you will have to do the hard work to determine if a certain food is working for you. The elimination tools give you the framework for learning how foods affect you and teach you how to really listen to your body. If you find out that (cheese, wine, chocolate, bread, etc.) actually makes you feel worse - it might be worth it to NOT consume that food anymore. It is a learning process. Once your body is in better balance, your ability to withstand food variations improves. But, for all of us with Hashimoto’s we must start by healing our gut. Then, we can continue to evaluate how foods make us feel as we move along the journey.

Do I have to lose weight?

You may not NEED to lose weight. And, weight loss might also be a pleasant side effect of this program. My Slim & Sane BONUS program offers exclusive insights to healthy weight balance with Hashimoto’s. If weight loss is a goal of yours, I suggest taking a look at Slim & Sane.

Do I have to exercise?

You may find that as your symptoms improve and you regain strength and energy, you want to do more physical activity! Exercise is not required, but as a supportive lifestyle habit, I do recommend daily movement to help your body heal and thrive!

Will it take hard work?

Well, yeah. Anything worth anything is worth doing well. I am a big believer that you have to do the hard work in order to see results. I wish there was a magic pill everyone could take to have perfect health, but since that is silly, the alternative is the hard work we put in and the satisfaction we gain from doing a job well. The "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" program is designed to help make the hard work EASIER for you. To make sense of the WHY, so you can focus on the WHAT.

Can I still eat snacks?

Many of the meal plans included in "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" have really yummy and satisfying snacks!

Do I still have to take medication?

Medication is always the responsibility of you and your doctor! Please consult with your prescribing physician to determine if the results from participating in "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" allow you to make medication changes. I wouldn’t surprise me if you get to lower your dose - or if you change to a different kind of medication - that helps you feel better. I go over all of that in the module about How to Talk to Your Doctor.

Do I have to speak to my doctor about this program?

Please do! Your doctor might be really tickled that you have the ability to sign up for this program! I know (and work with) many doctors in my referral network who send me their patients for Hashimoto’s because they know I have the experience and tools to help people get better through holistic measures. I look at this as a team approach.  Let your doctor know about "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's".

Should I get a physical exam before starting with your program?

That is a great idea! At a yearly exam, you are likely to get a set of new labs. Those will come in handy in the Lab Tests module. As I said above, this is a team approach. Use what your doctor can share with you in an exam to help you understand your health better as you embark upon "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's".

Do I need lab tests?

You probably already have a big stack of labs, am I right? I will help you learn how to review them on your own, understand them better, and even go back to discuss them further with your doctor as necessary. I also have a set list of labs that can be helpful in gathering new, relevant information about your health. I show you how to order them directly as well as learn what they mean. With "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" you become the quarterback and call the shots - you will be educated and empowered to know more about what is going on with your help through proper testing.

Can I work one-on-one with you?

Yes! "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" gives you the chance for a heavily discounted virtual session to ask me all your top questions as you work your way through the program.

If you want to work with me in an intensive customized one-on-one program please visit my website.

Will you answer my questions during the program?

There are two ways to get your specific questions answered while you work through the 30-day "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" program:
  1. Sign up for the discounted virtual session (see above)
  2. Participate in the Group Chat for connecting and communicating with others - I moderate the Group Chat daily, so YES, you will hear from me there too!

What is your success rate?

Success depends on you. If you follow the program, do the work, and commit to a new foundation for health and happiness in your life, utilizing the tools presented in "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" then success is 100%. Please remember that success is relative. If today you feel terrible. You are desperate for help and answers, and you feel like you have tried everything… I assure you this is a different approach. Once you dive into "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" you may find your eyes are open to a new way that feels hopeful and makes you happy. You may realize just how motivated you are to conquer your Hashimoto’s once and for all. You may find that your outlook alone improves symptoms. And, as more and more of your symptoms resolve, the work gets easier. Before you know it, the program becomes a way of life. I call that success.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I guarantee you will enjoy this program, learn a ton, and see an improvement in your life. If, by day 7 of viewing the "Nourished and Renewed With Hashimoto's" modules and you are not completely satisfied, you have my 100% money-back guarantee.
7 days money back guarantee-01

WOW! Did you get all of that?

Reminder of what you get with your investment:

  • 30-day self-paced program - totally online
  • 7 phases of in-depth content categories pertaining to Hashimoto’s & total body health
  • 30 modules - or approximately 45 minutes per day to review each day of material
  • 33 videos (9 hours of video support!) - the equivalent of 9 hours of nutrition sessions
  • 40+ different handouts/tools - nearly 100 pages of resources and action items!
+ BONUS #1 Slim & Sane with Hashimoto's
  • 5 MORE FREE modules (totaling up to 94 MORE minutes of video content!)
  • 4 additional handouts plus a helpful personalized questionnaire to guide you in your healthy weight loss journey
  + BONUS #2 Hashimoto’s 28-Day Meal Plan
  • 84 pages of colorful meal plans and recipes to help you eat for your very best health living with Hashimoto's
  • 4 weeks of macronutrient-focused eating and naturally healing foods
  • Nutritional information for each week of the plan
  • Shopping lists to help your planning and prepping
  + a group chat during the program to get your specific questions answered and for connecting and communicating with others who are on a similar journey as you!   + a 7-day 100% money-back guaranteee if you are not completely satisfied. And this entire investment in your health at this one price of USD$179.00! Are you in?