Happy & Healthy Program

If you have Hashimoto's - this is the program for you!

Are you feeling unwell, tired, and unsure about what is causing your myriad symptoms?

Are you finding yourself in a whole new world of challenges - physically, emotionally and mentally - and you suspect nutritional deficiencies are at your root cause?

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • diagnosed autoimmune condition
  • thyroid disfunction
  • seasonal allergies, skin issues
  • food allergies/intolerances
  • digestive disorders
  • irregular menstrual periods
  • postpartum concerns
  • stress
  • low energy, fatigue
  • poor sleep quality
  • weight concerns, poor muscle mass

Are you ready to invest in yourself and work with me in a one-on-one program?

The root of your poor health may be poor food or lifestyle choices, prescriptions, genetics, toxins, a virus, TRAUMA, stress or all of the above.

The above symptoms and conditions needn’t define you or our work together.

I can help you uncover your root cause for dis-ease and get you on a path towards greater health and achieving all your goals and dreams.

It starts with nutrition knowledge and culminates in examining your inner world.

Given the proper nutrients, and a balanced energetic body, you can heal yourself.


When you should begin this program…

  • When the challenges of living a normal life have become overwhelming
  • When your doctor or another practitioner recommends holistic options
  • When you have tried everything else
  • When you want to be the boss of your own life and get down to business healing your body, mind and spirit

Yes. Now is the time!

What stands between you and feeling your very best isn’t just your food and lifestyle choices.

The ingrained behavior patterns and belief systems that shape those choices are 100% the root cause of any dis-ease in your physical body.

Addressing dietary habits is where we start. Next, we can begin addressing energetic/spiritual/inner issues.

Amazingly, by putting these two modalities together, food becomes magic indeed! Your nutritional needs can be finally met, free of emotional obstacles.

Ah, yes, now you can come alive.

Your lifestyle wasn’t created overnight, and it won’t be transformed overnight either.

There is no silver bullet for fixing what ails us. I believe in making life-sustaining, simple changes that will, in turn, help you indefinitely.

Living in fear and anxiety about a health condition, a particular food, your weight, digestive systems, etc. is actually not a way to live.

You can take control of your health. I can show you how.


Happy & Healthy Program (Six Months)


  • ​Three 60-minute sessions + three 30-minute session (we meet once per month, every month of the program)
  • Food & Lifestyle Plan - customized and co-created recipes, movement suggestions, sleep support, and hydration tips
  • Spiritual Coaching - long-term body, mind, spirit solutions that fit your specific life’s purpose​
  • Additional specific energy-focused sessions are performed for an additional fee of $79 (Remote Reiki Session - 15 minutes)
  • Weekly Messaging Check-In Via Client Portal - 5 minutes
  • All lab orders are a la carte, and we will discuss which, if any, labs are right for you to be successful with this program.
  • Additional lab review of labs submitted from another provider are performed for a fee of $179.00 (Lab Review Session - 30 minutes)

Don't live in the Denver-metro area? This package is available fully online.