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Balancing Hormones = Balancing Weight

“My hormones are raging!” “I’m so hormonal!” We often talk about hormones like... a) all hormones are sex hormones b) we have no control over them The truth is ... a) there are many kinds …
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The Stress Hormone That May Be Preventing Your Pregnancy

Hmmm, struggling with infertility... You can call it a vicious cycle. You can say it’s a which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg situation. But the fact of the matter is that stress can be a cause o…
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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About CBD for Hashimoto’s

If you were to believe every claim about CBD, it will cure you of cancer, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, anxiety, drug addiction, glaucoma and much more. And while CBD is showing promis…
Hashimoto's Hypothyroid and Thyroid Testing

Nothing Fishy Here: Just the Facts on EFAs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been told by a family member, friend, doctor or even the local coffee shop barista that you should be taking fish oil supplements. Everyone'…
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Why Your Thyroid Will Go Nuts for Selenium

Have you ever been lucky enough to try a Brazil nut? I know, weird question. 😂 This very large and distinct-looking nut is often left behind in the bowl of mixed nuts because it looks different and…
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"We are Family..." The Vitamins That Support The Thyroid and Each Other

Many vitamins work synergistically. But, none work more synergistically together than the ones I like to refer to as the Sister Sledge all stars - or the "We are Family" of B vitamins! Just like the s…
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Hashimoto’s Flare-ups: Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

I personally have had experiences with Hashimoto’s when it was clear that I was in a “flare,” and I can tell you that it’s quite unpleasant. There was a period both before and after having my …
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Thriving with Hashimoto’s in Winter - What You Need to Know

If you know me, you know that in the winter time, I usually have on at least three layers. I get really chilly when other people around me are just fine. Outdoor sports this time of year are tricky fo…
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How Acid Reflux Drives Hashimoto’s (and Vice Versa) and How to Take the Wheel Back

There may be times when your Hashimoto’s Disease just makes you sick to your stomach. But could it actually be causing you digestive upset? Thyroid imbalances and digestive disorders like acid reflu…

What Hashimoto’s & Hypothyroidism Means for Your Child

We would all do just about anything to keep our kids safe and healthy. We make them wear helmets when they bike, seatbelts in the car and (safe, all-natural) sunscreen at the beach. But what can we do…
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Boosting Immune, Boosting Thyroid: The Power of Zinc

If you’re like me, you pop a zinc lozenge if you feel a cold coming on. But this wonder mineral is not just for fighting bugs. It’s also a thyroid powerhouse, making it essential for life with Has…
Complete Guide to Hashimoto's Hypothyroid and Thyroid Testing

Your Complete Guide to Understanding Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism & Thyroid Testing

Perhaps there is nothing more common but misunderstood than thyroid disorders like Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism. Everyone these days seems to know someone who has struggled with thyroid health… or…
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Juice vs. Smoothie: The Fight Is Over, You Can Love Them Both!

There is something so quintessentially summer about a bright, beautiful, cold smoothie or fresh juice, sipped on your porch or patio. Tons of fruits and vegetables are in season, it’s cooling and re…
kids and iron deficiency

Food Is the Solution for Kids’ Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron. When we think of iron, we conjure images of endurance races, Superman and strength in general. So it may come as no surprise that a lack of iron can make you feel weak, whether you are an adult …

Iodine Is the Thyroid Booster You’ve Been Waiting For

Imagine a nutrient that is crucial in thyroid health, autoimmune prevention and fetal development. Imagine that it is needed by everyone in small amounts but has a history of deficiency here in the U.…
heart and sun

Why "The Sunshine Vitamin” is Especially Important for Those with Hashimoto’s

Spring is finally, well, springing! We can start to emerge from our winter cocoons and soak up the sunshine. That means we can begin building up our stores of vitamin D again. I get that not everyone…
hashis and hair loss

How Hashimoto’s May Be To Blame for Bad Hair Days

There is something about hair loss that is a real blow to your self-esteem. After all, doesn’t it feel great when someone compliments you on your hair? But people with Hashimoto’s disease, like my…
hashis and ED

Hashimoto’s and Estrogen Dominance: How Hormones Play Off Each Other

Does Estrogen Dominance Complicate Hashimoto’s Disease? How many times have you said, “Ugh, my hormones are so out of whack!” My own hormones have been out of whack. Yep, mine. So, this subject …
hashis and blood sugar

Support Your Thyroid & Balance Blood Sugar With These Nutrition Tips

Blood Sugar Struggles with Hashimoto’s Living with, let alone thriving with, Hashimoto’s can be an ongoing struggle. But when you are additionally struggling with diabetes, it can be downright ove…
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Magnesium for Your Health & A Healthy Thyroid

One of the Most Important Nutrients For Your Health Magnesium might just be a miracle mineral. I know - that sounds too good to be true. But, honestly, when clients ask me about the single most import…
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We Skip Flu Shots & Eat Soup Instead For Winter Wellness

"Is it really necessary to get the flu shot?" That's the most common question I get this time of the year. So, in this article, I do my best to answer this question and address what I know about the f…

Infertility Rising: 4 Hidden Reasons Why Many Women Can't Conceive

A Story about overcoming infertility challenges Two years ago, Jenny was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. It is a condition in which the ovary loses its normal reproductive potential, compro…
kids brains

Nutrition for Growing Brains & How to Reduce Symptoms of ADHD in Kids

Back to School Brain News So, your head is spinning from all the back-to-school hullabaloo and stressors, and you might not think a blog post about super-nutrition for kids’ brains is ultra importan…
weight loss

Why Less is More For Weight Loss When You Have Hashimoto’s

Meet Annaleese, A Typical Hashimoto’s Mom Her weight had shot up about 20 pounds seemingly overnight. Stressed out, tired. Running from place to place for her kids, job, extended family and as an ac…
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Is Hashimoto’s in Your Genes? Understanding MTHFR

First, What Do Genes Have to Do With Health? I have been working on writing this for some time now. I am super excited about the subject of genes and health (and Hashimoto’s!). And, this post will b…
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Men & Hashimoto's: Not Just a "Female Problem"

Men’s Thyroids Are Often Overlooked I have many gentlemen clients with Hashimoto’s. This is fascinating to me because typically, Hashimoto’s is a women-dominant illness. But, what I am seeing mo…
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Celiac & Hashimoto’s Disease: A Strong Case for Gluten Zero

It Starts With My Own Celiac Story Recently, I shared with you how my “IBS” (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) was uncontrolled for many years, leading to embarrassing bathroom moments. I had “IBS-D” …
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IBS May Be the Cause of Your Hashimoto’s! Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Thyroid

Before Hashimoto’s: My IBS Story You may have already read my Hashimoto’s story. I have been through a lot on my Hashimoto’s journey. Miscarriages, postpartum thyroiditis, and adrenal troubles h…
Hashimotos and Adrenal Fatigue

Hashimoto’s + Adrenal Fatigue? Nutrition and Lifestyle to the Rescue!

If you have Hashimoto’s, you probably have now (or have had at some point) a degree of Adrenal Fatigue. To recover and feel amazing again, having the right nutrition & lifestyle can fix that! He…
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Menopause Makes Hashimoto’s Worse! But, Nutrition Can Help!

Menopause makes the symptoms of Hashimoto’s worse - and vice versa. In fact, Hashimoto’s can also cause early menopause. The good news is: nutrition and lifestyle habits can help you feel better f…
Breastfeeding Mom and baby

Myths & Truths about Popular Detox Food & Drinks While Breastfeeding (What is Really Safe for Baby?)

Many of us start thinking about how to lose that baby weight and clean up our bodies shortly after baby arrives. We are ready to get rid of the pregnancy hormones that helped bring our sweet little bu…
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Guys & Girls: What To Do If Your Hormones Are a Mess

I have hormone imbalance and I want to fix it naturally When my clients come to me with a condition or set of complaints/symptoms they hope to resolve through nutrition. But they rarely say, “I have…
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Hashimoto’s and Miscarriage – What You Need to Know So You Can Have a Healthy Pregnancy

I recently watched an interview with former First Lady, Michelle Obama, on the TODAY Show who opened up about her experience with infertility. In the interview, Mrs. Obama shared about her miscarriage…
PostPartum Mother and Baby

Postpartum Thyroiditis Can Be Healed with Nutrition

Approximately 5% of women develop postpartum thyroiditis after giving birth. Women with a personal or family history of autoimmune or thyroid disease are more likely to develop the condition. When my …
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The Real Horror of Halloween? It's Totally Sugar! (Tips on How to Save Your Kids)

I Hate Halloween Growing up, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I loved the fall season, the costumes, trick-or-treating, and of course, candy. Because I was a normal American kid. In the 1970s, sugar…
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Eat to Lower Anti-Thyroid Antibody Levels

My Journey With Hashimoto’s Disease The beginning of my journey with Hashimoto’s will probably sound familiar to you. In my 20s, I suddenly felt like an old woman. I had aches and pains. I was ti…
Healthy Family Vacation

You Can Be a “Healthy Foodie” on Your Next Family Vacation

Just because your family vacation is coming up, you do not have to throw in the proverbial nutritional towel. Fast food, junk food, sweets and too much alcohol does not have to be part of your vacatio…

“Failure to Thrive” May Be Caused by Foods & Inflammation

What is Failure to Thrive? I see clients with their young children who have been given a “Failure to Thrive” (FTT) diagnosis frequently in my office. “Failure to Thrive” (FTT) is the umbrella …
Recovery to a Healthy Heart

My Healthy Heart Part 3: Recovery is a long road (and I am impatient).

Surgery to close the hole in my heart was two months ago already. It's hard to believe all of the things that have happened to my health this year. Sometimes I have to deeply reflect to let it all sin…
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My Healthy Heart Part 2: Tools for Holistic Healing

For part two of this series, I thought it might be helpful to share with you the resources and support I have leaned on these past few months to help get me through the medical challenge, both physica…
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My Healthy Heart Part 1: How Personal Medical Advocacy May Have Saved My Life (One Day)

Hello, Heart, I hardly knew you. Last November, I started feeling a fluttering, vibrating sensation in my chest/heart. I remember distinctly the first time I felt this sensation - I was sitting in fro…
Healthy Detox While Breastfeeding

Yes, You Can Safely “Detox” If You are Breastfeeding - Here’s How

No one has told you this, but yes, you can safely embark upon a “detox” after giving birth - even if you are breastfeeding. Giving birth and becoming a new mother is one of the most exhausting phy…
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The 10 Biggest Pregnancy Nutrition Myths Examined and Debunked

Now that you are pregnant (and will soon have a growing family), you probably have some of the biggest nutrition questions of your life. It was easy when it was just you and your partner to feed. Doin…
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Family Meals Foster Good Eating Habits

When something in an already jam-packed family schedule has to give, it’s easy to understand why family meals may be one of the first things to fall by the wayside! And yet, family meals are not onl…
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Snacking Strategies for Teenagers

You are a busy teenager. Between school, homework, activities and friends, it may feel like there’s no time for healthy eating. Boy is it tempting to go through the drive-through and grab a burger a…
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Keep Your Family Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

It's that time of year - "Cold & Flu Season." It seems the cooler it gets outside, the more coughs and colds start popping up. This is especially true if you are a family with small children. Thes…

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