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Hi, I am Sara Peternell. I’m a board certified holistic nutritionist and expert in Hashimoto's and thyroid health. I’m also an avid public speaker on health and nutrition, and the co-author of a bestselling baby food cookbook.

For two decades I have been creating customized nutrition programs for families, adults and children. I work with people who have autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, digestive troubles, infertility, and food sensitivities. 

I love to give interviews, to talk to anyone and everyone about health and nutrition, to join podcasts, to participate in webinars and summits, to sit in on discussions and panels, to speak at conferences, to write articles, blogs, columns, chapters, forwards, whole books and everything in between. 

Let’s partner to keep spreading the word about nutrition and living the healthiest life possible - I’m ready.

For media inquiries, send me an email at [email protected].

Seen on TV

Most recently, I was interviewed by Liz Gelardi from Denver Channel 7 - where I talked about my views on a dieting app launched by Weight Watchers (WW) for children and teens called Kurbo. Check out from the 2 minutes 3 second mark.

Earlier this year, I was on National TV - Daily Blast Live for an interview with Tory Shulman - all about foods for combating insomnia. Check out the video here.

I was invited to Colorado Parent for an exciting Instagram live event where I share five quick tips for serving simple, nutritious breakfasts for your kids (and yourself!).

Sara Peternell Instagram Live On Colorado Parent August 2020

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Featured in local publication, Voyage Denver : "Meet TrailBlazer Sara Peternell"


Amy M.

I am looking forward to another year of working together, so next on my list is the continuation program. One of the best things about working with you for my Hashimoto’s is that you've been through the transformation of making self care and nutrition a priority, and I really appreciate that you make things easy for me.

Ashleigh Rankin

When I first started working with Sara, I had been seeing a GI doctor for acid reflux and infrequent stomach pain. I was given a prescription to take Prilosec everyday and received multiple tests; including ultrasounds, blood work, allergy skin testing and an endoscopy. All of these didn't eliminate the acid reflux or the stomach pain. After working with Sara for just a short time, I felt like her approach was genuinely about my body healing itself without drugs or medical interventions. I stopped taking Prilosec, started taking other supplements and eating better foods. Since working with Sara, I rarely, if ever suffer from acid reflux, which used to be a daily problem for me. The stomach pain hasn't been completely alleviated, but Sara has continued to make suggestions that feel healthier and I feel closer to finding a solution.

Barbara Landsbach

As a retired educator, I have found the best way to make an important decision or solve a serious problem in life has been to educate myself by seeking out as much information and opinions as possible. Sara taught me that the only way to truly be healthy was the address the cause rather than the symptoms of my many health issues. Her teaching background has been invaluable; her approach focused on my core health. Her solutions work for me. She is the epitome of the definition of the perfect healthcare professional - well-educated, open-minded, a great listener, and she has a terrific sense of humor! She encouraged and empowered me when I was beginning to lose hope, and she has given me a new quality of life. I am looking forward to many more years of guidance from Sara.

Brieanna Seefeldt, D.O., Family Medicine

I have worked with Sara for the past six years in clinical collaboration. As a holistic physician, I noted on shared cases how Sara has a solid understanding of how biochemistry impacts disease states. I have watched as she creatively helps clients navigate nutrient deficiencies and detox, weight loss and sustained lifestyle changes. In my opinion, Sara is the best nutritionist for individuals and families looking for a truly comprehensive approach.

Bryanna & Bart Spaulding

When our first-born daughter was unable to breastfeed, Sara walked us step-by-step through making homemade baby formula with real food ingredients. Our baby began to thrive and so many of her skin issues also cleared up. Now we are a family of five, and Sara is our “go-to” for everything nutrition-related. Her breadth of knowledge seems to know no boundaries and we credit the health of our entire family to her.

Catherine Clark, BA, BSN, MS, FNP

As a busy family nurse practitioner, I am often asked questions by my patients regarding their specific nutritional needs. Although I have had some training in nutrition, I am limited in my knowledge base as well as not having the time during an office visit to address these needs to the extent they deserve. Sara Peternell has been a great resource to provide this important service to my patients. I have received very positive feedback from my patients about her knowledge, kindness, thoughtfulness and 'customized' approach to helping them make positive lifestyle changes.

Committed To Health 12 Months

Completed any of the introductory programs, and desires regular follow ups to ensure continuity.

Danielle & Nate McConnell

Working with Sara has brought new energy and life to our family of three. Sara’s knowledge on the subject of overall health and wellness is not only impressive, it has been life changing. Her suggested modifications to our eating habits and introduction of supplements tailored specifically to our individual needs has resulted in improved energy, better sleep habits and successful avoidance of two surgeries. We highly recommended Sara to anyone looking to take charge of their health and feel better. We can’t thank her enough for changing our lives!

Dr Jennifer Vitaro, ND

Sara Peternell, MNT is my ‘go to’ referral for my patients in need of in-depth nutritional advice. Sara works hard to uncover potential food related and other physiological causes of disease. We share a common understanding that food is medicine and all health begins with our food choices. Her knowledge, experience, and work ethic are irrefutable. People say ‘it takes a village,’ to raise children… well, I have learned that ‘it takes a village’ to guide a patient through their health journey towards optimal health! I’m thankful Sara is part of my village.

Meg & Del De Windt

I cannot say enough good things about Sara and the guidance she has provided for myself, my husband and my two young daughters over the past 4+ years. She has always taken the time to dig deeper into the root of health issues, to thoroughly understand what is going on, and addresses it properly without temporarily masking the problem. I've recommended her to many friends and colleagues, who all have the same feedback. The resource Sara has become for myself and my family is truly invaluable and we look forward to continuing to work with her!

Partnership 12 Months

Completed any of the introductory programs, and desires ongoing accountability.

Peace of Mind 12 Months

Completed the Happy & Healthy Adult Program and desires an annual follow up program to ensure total success.

Rae Rosenberg-Lyon

Sara has been my guiding light since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease at six months pregnant. Of all the providers I've seen, she has been the most attentive and focused on me as a person. Our goal is to bring me into remission as quickly as possible considering my special circumstances. She has researched the root causes, possible treatments, and various sets of blood results to define a path forward that's personalized and manageable for me in my life right now. I am incredibly grateful for Sara as my most trusted source of care, and deeply value her bank of personal and professional experiences.

Sarah Williams

Working with Sara Peternell has been such a pleasure and so beneficial for my overall health for the past year. She is an expert in dealing with Hashimoto’s and we were able to figure out what works best to benefit my body and what my body specifically needs. Sara tailors your care to you and really cares about healing your body. I feel very lucky to have found her and will continue to go to her for my future needs. Thank you Sara!

Tatum Kepler

After the life changing event of becoming a new mother, I found myself like many women struggling to take care of my postpartum self. I am so lucky to have found Sara during that time. I am so grateful for her ability to hear me and share her knowledge in a way that I (sleep deprived and all!) could understand. She educated me to empower myself when discussing my health with medical professionals and through her gift, I have reversed the threat of an autoimmune disease.

The Bone Broth Bible

"The Ultimate Guide to Bone Broth: 25 Experts Weigh In", Kettle and Fire