Super Girl / Super Guy Program Three Months

A “tune up” for a healthy adult - learn how to feed yourself well and meet your unique nutritional needs.


**(Wait, if you have Hashimoto's, please read the Happy & Healthy Program

The Super Girl/Super Guy Program is geared towards individuals who do not have complex health issues or a recent diagnosis which may require more support and advanced nutritional focus.

See the Happy & Healthy Program if you are thinking you might require enhanced assistance with digestive, thyroid, hormone, or autoimmune issues.)**


Are you in one of the following situations?

  • you are wondering if you are doing things the “right way” when it comes to nutrition
  • you are embarking upon some great endeavor (such as getting married, going to college,
  • training for a sports event, etc.) and want to know how to feed yourself well
  • you want to better meet your unique nutritional needs
  • you are ready to focus on yourself and feel your best

With the Super Girl/Super Guy Program you learn how to balance your body with healthy eating, quality lifestyle choices, and a comprehensive nutritional supplement regimen that is 100% geared towards your needs and goals.

Call it a crash-course nutrition program designed for nourishing your body and feeling your best.

Senior woman holding box with vegetables

When you should begin this program…

  • As soon as you are ready to jump in!
  • As soon as your light bulb goes off that your health matters
  • As soon as you recognize that your life needs some nutritional focus

This is the right plan, right now.


Super Girl/Super Guy Program (Three Months)


  • One 60-minute sessions + two 30-minute session (we meet once per month, every month of the program)
  • Food & Lifestyle Plan - customized and co-created recipes, movement suggestions, sleep support, and hydration tips
  • Spiritual Coaching - long-term body, mind, spirit solutions that fit your specific life’s purpose​
  • Additional specific energy-focused sessions are performed for an additional fee of $79 (Remote Reiki Session - 15 minutes)
  • Weekly Messaging Check-In Via Client Portal - 5 minutes
  • All lab orders are a la carte, and we will discuss which, if any, labs are right for you to be successful with this program.
  • Additional lab review of labs submitted from another provider are performed for a fee of $179.00 (Lab Review Session - 30 minutes)

Don't live in the Denver-metro area? This package is available fully online.